Woman applying LashLush onto her eye next to an image of a LashLush before and after

Neora’s New Lash Lush Growth Serum Delivers Results Without Damaging Extensions

June 4, 2024

In June 2024, Neora was featured in Us Weekly. In the article, Neora’s LashLush 3-in-1 Brow & Lash Serum is being featured as a game-changing product delivering results without damaging lash extensions.

LashLush laying on top of a petri dish next to a beaker

Lash extensions are more popular than ever, but they can present a difficult choice: keep using the extensions, or use a growth serum product, many of which damage extensions and take months to produce results.

But why not both? The new LashLush and Brow Growth Serum from Neora is changing the game. The vegan, non-toxic serum delivers results in as little as four weeks, and unlike other brands, it won’t damage lash extensions while you wait for your natural lashes to grow.

“Lash Lush is a one-of-a-kind product and is the result of years of research and countless formula iterations,” said Amber Olson, Co-Founder and President of Neora, a global leader in skincare, haircare, and wellness products. It’s also formulated without the harmful ingredients found in other leading lash serums, and is free from hormones or any form of prostaglandin analog.

“We aimed to provide a solution that delivered on its promise of full, healthy lashes and brows, without having to resort to using ingredients that can cause potentially serious adverse reactions,” Olson said. Lash Lush is ophthalmologist-tested for safety and clinically proven results.

The serum strengthens, lengthens, and volumizes lashes and thickens brows, producing visible results in as little as four weeks and building over time. The serum also helps prevent breakage and loss of existing lash and brow hair.

“With the rise of so many teens and young people using lash products today, we were determined to create a clean-meets-performance option in this product category — and we are proud to finally introduce Lash Lush to the market,” Olson said.

While Lash Lush works quickly, Neora’s 3-in-1 Self Tanning + Sculpting Foam works instantly so you can step into summer with a healthy glow. The innovative bestseller tans, sculpts, and hydrates with a streak-free, stink-free, and mess-free formula.

Neora’s safe, natural formula, with eco-certified, vegan DHA, delivers your most natural-looking tan without the harmful, aging rays from the sun or tanning beds. The 3-in-1 Self Tanning + Sculpting Foam is also packed with peptides that support collagen and elastin to reduce the appearance of cellulite and help you look more toned and sculpted with each application.

With the Lash Lush serum and 3-in-1 Self Tanning + Sculpting Foam, snapping gorgeous holiday pics has never been easier.