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Anti-aging and Skincare Tips

May 14, 2024, Nadgeena Jerome

In May 2024, Neora was featured in The U.S. Sun. In the article, our Founder and President Amber Olson Rourke shared habits people should implement into their regimen to revitalize their appearance.

DERM DETAIL I’m a skincare pro and a single behavior change can keep skin cells plump, reduce wrinkles, and diminish signs of aging.

Amber Olson Rourke is the co-founder and President of Neora, a brand specializing in skincare, haircare, and wellness products. Previously, she shared tips to combat sensitive skin and common myths with The U.S. Sun. She recommended several affordable items that should be a staple in anyone’s beauty routine.

Image of Neora’s Founder and President Amber Olson Rourke

“I think the best anti-aging products you can have are a good cleanser, a good vitamin C serum, and a broad spectrum SPF,” she said.

Rourke explained that, as you age, your skin’s ability to shed dead cells and regenerate new ones slows down. According to the expert, regular cleansing promotes cell turnover and reveals fresher skin underneath. “Keeping your skin clean helps prevent premature aging caused by pollution and free radicals,” she added.

Rourke said Vitamin C is a useful staple in any skincare lineup because it works to “correct damage” that’s already been done. She added that it helps prevent future damage by “scavenging free radicals,” which contribute to breaking down our skin’s collagen.

Finally, when it comes to sunscreen, Rourke said that broad-spectrum sunscreen works best because it protects you from UVB and UVA rays. UVB AND UVA rays cause sunburn and contribute to skin cancer. “Evidence shows that using sunscreen every day also helps slow down the skin’s aging process,” she explained.

“Drinking water can help keep skin cells plump, which helps reduce wrinkles and signs of aging,” she explained. She added that it also encourages “healthy circulation,” which helps to keep skin looking bright and nourished. Drinking adequate amounts of water also protects the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals that can cause premature aging.

In addition, Rourke called the term “Beauty Sleep”, more than just “jargon.” Proper sleep can help reduce wrinkles, firm skin, and improve skin tone. “While we sleep, our body, brain and skin regenerate and rejuvenate; blood flow increases to produce more collagen and growth hormones,” Rourke explained.