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Anti-aging and Skincare Tips

May 06, 2024, Nadgeena Jerome

In May 2024, Neora was featured in The U.S. Sun. In the article, our Founder and President Amber Olson Rourke shares tips on finding products for sensitive skin and discusses several Neora products, including our Double-Cleansing Face Wash, Day Cream, and Youth Factor Superfood and Antioxidant Boost Powder.

SKIN SITCH I have very sensitive skin – a big misconception about products can cause complications, plus my tips for a dewy face.

Amber Olson Rourke is the Co-Founder and President of Neora, a global leader in skincare, haircare, and wellness products. She shared how she takes care of her sensitive skin and discussed a few skincare misconceptions with The U.S. Sun.

Image of Neora’s Founder and President Amber Olson Rourke

Rourke admitted that she has “very sensitive and reactive skin,” so it’s been a long journey of trial and error to figure out what products work best for her. “I’ve learned that staying away from synthetic fragrances and fillers and sticking to naturally-based, clean formulations has yielded the best results for my skin,” she said.

The expert said she “cannot go a day” without the Neora Age IQ Double-Cleansing Face Wash, $33, which she said gets rid of makeup and build-up without stripping the skin of its natural moisture.

She also makes sure to apply the Age IQ Day Cream, $80. "I find the combination of antioxidants, peptides, and plant extracts gives me all the anti-aging benefits while protecting my sensitive skin’s microbiome," she explained.

Lastly, Rourke revealed that she believes in helping our skin heal holistically, so she takes her Youth Factor powder, $49, every morning. "Not only does it help balance my PH levels, but it also provides a host of nutrients to support my hair, skin, and nails," she added.

Rourke explained that, as you age, your skin’s ability to shed dead cells and regenerate new ones slows down. According to the expert, regular cleansing promotes cell turnover and reveals fresher skin underneath. “Keeping your skin clean helps prevent premature aging caused by pollution and free radicals,” she added.

Rourke also offered some insight into common skincare trends. She said the “biggest misconception” is that more products yield better or faster results. “Any dermatologist can tell you they have clients walking in every day with complications caused from extensive use of multiple products at once,” she said.

She encouraged people to “be kind” to their skin and “respect its microbiome.” If we overwhelm it with too many products, Rourke said it can spark up sensitivity and potentially cause more serious complications.

Rourke also shared a few makeup tips for a more youthful appearance and for concealing fine lines. As a rule of thumb, she said that you need to make sure your skin is very hydrated because “when it’s dry, lines are more visible.” She suggested applying your foundation on damp skin or mixing your favorite moisturizer with your foundation.

The same trick works well for your lips, and she recommended using a lip plumper or lip mask before applying lip color. “This will guarantee those lip lines are filled in, so the lipstick doesn’t crease,” she explained.

She also shared budget-friendly beauty tips so you can look your best without breaking the bank. If you dampen your skin with water, she said the dewy or hydrated look will come at no extra cost.

For lips, she recommended the Neora Moisture-Lock Lip Mask, which costs around $25 and “will take care of those lines in no time.”