Image of woman applying Age IQ Double Cleansing Face Wash to her face.

7 Clean and Environmentally Friendly Brands That Are Changing The Women’s Beauty Industry

March 17, 2023 Stephanie Kaloi

In January 2023, Neora was featured in Little Things. Our Age IQ Double-Cleansing Face Wash is featured as the perfect product for your morning and evening routine.
Image of woman applying Age IQ Double Cleansing Face Wash to her face in a bathroom setting.

Neora: Age IQ Double-Cleansing Face Wash Starting from $33.00 from Neora

I have been open about my skin care journey on LittleThings before, but now I'm two years older and a few things have changed. For starters, I enjoy wearing makeup a lot more than I used to … which also means that I've gotten more serious about my skin care routine than I ever have been so far.

Right now, my morning routine is a three- or four-step process and my nighttime routine has five steps. I am really happy with the routine (which I will lay out in just a second), and both the morning and the night include the Neora Double-Cleansing Face Wash.

In the morning, I cleanse my face with the wash no matter what, every day, before moving on to moisturize. I also use the face wash a second time in the evening (after my first wash with another oil-based cleanser — it's not exactly double cleansing, but it works right now). I like to use the wash from Neora second because it leaves my skin feeling so (so, so) clean in a freshly scrubbed way that I adore.

I was worried that my face would end up either breaking out because I'm using two oil-based cleansers or super dried out, but honestly I think (I hope) that my typically combination skin is just evening out somewhere in the process. The skin on my face is softer than ever, its texture seems to me to be evening out, and I'm overall very pleased with this addition to my skin care routine.