Image of a woman holding an Immunity Support + Gummy in one hand the product packaging in the other.

Neora’s Immunity Support+ Gummies Feature Exclusive Technology

October 7, 2022 Kalina N

In October 2022 Neora was featured in Trendhunter. The article spotlights our Immunity+ Wellness Gummies.
Image of a close-up of an Immunity Support + Gummy with the product packaging and carton on a light pink background.

These immunity-boosting gummies by Neora are launched as a seasonal exclusive and for a limited time only. This recipe features the brand's exclusive Smart Gel Technology—a gelatin-based emulsification technology that was 10 years in the making. Now, implemented in a consumer-ready product, the Smart Gel Technology effectively "delivers a comprehensive blend of the top doctor-recommended immunity vitamins out there, all combined into one tasty gummy." These supplements are definitely a convenient way of ensuring one's body gets its daily dose of important nutrients.

Neora's immunity-boosting gummies include zero sugar and are offered in a delicious raspberry lemon flavor. The brand guarantees daily freshness for its Immunity Support+ Gummies and claims that the all-in-one formula is easy to swallow (no water needed) and that it can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Trend Themes
1. Smart Gel Technology - The development of Smart Gel Technology creates an opportunity to enhance the delivery mechanisms of other supplements.
2. Zero Sugar Supplements - The development of zero sugar supplements presents an opportunity for companies to tap into the growing health-conscious consumer market.
3. Daily Nutrition Convenience - The increasing demand for convenient and on-the-go nutrition presents an opportunity for companies to create innovative products that meet this need.

Industry Implications
1. Health and Wellness - Companies in the health and wellness industry can utilize the Smart Gel Technology to create more effective supplements and tap into the growing demand for health-conscious products.
2. Food and Beverage - The development of zero sugar supplements present opportunities for companies in the food and beverage industry to create innovative and healthy alternatives to sugary snacks.
3. Consumer Products - The demand for convenient daily nutrition presents an opportunity for companies in the consumer products industry to create new and innovative products that meet this need.