Neora's IllumaBoost™ Vitamin C Amplifies the Skin Regimen

October 7, 2022 Kalina N

In October 2022 Neora was featured in Trendhunter. The article spotlights our IllumaBoost Vitamin C serum.

Skincare brand Neora boasts a Vitamin C beauty booster that is engineered to "amplify your skincare regimen." Called the IllumaBoost™ Vitamin C, the formulation includes ingredients that work tirelessly to improve one's complexion by refining and hydrating it. The product is also proven to help fend against agitating environmental stressors. This is important, especially for individuals who live hectic lives and in big cities where pollution is high.

Neora recommends that its Vitamin C beauty booster be mixed with one's night or day cream, foundation, or sunscreen. The product features the brand's PhytoLumina complex which helps even out skin tone, fights the appearance of discoloration, and helps soothe the skin. The formula is ideal for all skin types.

1. Beauty and Personal Care - Beauty and personal care companies could tap into the trend of Vitamin-C based skincare products and develop innovative formulations to meet the growing demand while addressing individual needs of the consumers.

2. Technology - The integration of innovative technology, such as AI and machine learning, could disrupt the personal care industry by enabling a more personalized and tailored approach to skincare regimens.

3. Environmental Solutions - The demand for beauty products that protect against environmental stressors presents an opportunity for companies in the environmental solutions industry to collaborate with the beauty and personal care industry in exploring innovative ingredients and formulations.